MoPub Upstream Mediation

The following instructions apply to publishers looking to mediate their MoPub inventory to Yahoo’s SSP.

Notice to Unity Engine developers: The Ads SDK can still deliver ads to Unity apps if you are mediating through MoPub. Please follow the instructions found on MoPub’s Unity integration guide to get started.

Integration Instructions

In order to integrate the MoPub adapters:

  • Add the Ads SDK to your app using the steps outlined in the Integration Guide
  • Add new certified Ads SDK adapters (see below for instructions)
  • Update to retrofitted Millennial adapters (Android only, iOS Ads SDK adapters work with Millennial connections)

Publishers who use Cocoapods/Bintray can use the MoPub Integration Tool to add the new adapters to their projects.

  • For publishers who add the adapter source directly to their projects, the source is available via MoPub’s Github:
    • Android MoPub adapters, copy the adapter files into the com.mopub.mobileads package of your application
    • iOS MoPub adapters, drag the adapter files into Xcode. In the window that follows, copy items to the destination and add them to your project’s main targets

Please note that, in an effort to ease migration to the Ads SDK, these adapters will work with custom SDK networks that were configured to mediate to the legacy Millennial Media SDK. However, this legacy functionality is deprecated, and it is recommended that publishers start to migrate existing waterfall setups from old custom events to the new supported Ads SDK network in the MoPub UI.

Configure MoPub to use Yahoo’s SSP

Choose the Networks tab at the top of the MoPub portal.

  1. Click the New Network button
  2. Choose Verizon Media from the list of supported networks.
  3. Add your SSP Site ID and Placement ID to the appropriate MoPub ad unit

Set Pricing

New placements first appear with a zero-value so the Yahoo network won’t serve to the app. Follow the steps below to set pricing and begin delivering ad units.

  1. Go to the Segments screen
  2. Choose the segment you wish to target with the Yahoo network (or Global)
  3. Add the expected eCPM for this ad unit and it will begin delivering