Creative Info

The Ads SDK provides an API for accessing info about the ads returned to the device. The CreativeInfo object can include the creative ID and the creative’s demand source, which can be used to aid troubleshooting when reporting issues to Yahoo. Note that CreativeInfo may not be available for all creatives. This API can be accessed on Inline, Interstitial, and Native placement types.

For more code examples of how to access CreativeInfo, please refer to our Sample Apps

public void onLoaded(InlineAdFactory inlineAdFactory, final InlineAdView inlineAdView) {
  runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
        Log.i("Creative Info: " + inlineAdView.getCreativeInfo());
override fun onLoaded(inlineAdFactory: InlineAdFactory, inlineAdView: InlineAdView) {
  runOnUiThread {
    Log.i(TAG, "Inline ad creative info: " + inlineAdView.creativeInfo)
- (void)inlineAdFactory:(nonnull VASInlineAdFactory *)adFactory didLoadInlineAd:(nonnull VASInlineAdView *)inlineAd
    VASCreativeInfo *creativeInfo = inlineAd.creativeInfo;
    if (creativeInfo) {
        NSLog(@"Creative Info: %@", [creativeInfo description]);
func inlineAdFactory(_ adFactory: VASInlineAdFactory, didLoadInlineAd inlineAd: VASInlineAdView) {
    if let creativeInfo = inlineAd.creativeInfo {
        print("Creative Info: \(creativeInfo.description)")