iOS Verizon Ads SDK Standard Edition Documentation  1.14
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VASInlineAdSize Class Reference

Ad size properties. More...

#import <VASInlineAdSize.h>

Inherits NSObject, and <NSCopying>.

Instance Methods

(id- copyWithZone:
 Perform a deep copy. More...
(instancetype) - initWithWidth:height:
 Initialize the ad with a size. More...


NSUInteger height
 The height of the ad.
NSUInteger width
 The width of the ad.

Detailed Description

Ad size properties.

Method Documentation

◆ copyWithZone:

- (id) copyWithZone: (nullable NSZone *)  zone

Perform a deep copy.

zoneZone to use for the copy.
An immutable copy of this class.

◆ initWithWidth:height:

- (instancetype) initWithWidth: (NSUInteger width
height: (NSUInteger height 

Initialize the ad with a size.

widthThe width of the ad size.
heightThe height of the ad size.
An initialized instance of this class.